Technology Transfer on Mushroom/Development of Edible Mushroom Cultivation in Namibia

  • Expected start date:
    February 22, 2013
    Expected end date:
    December 31, 2015
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    Project Manager :
    Elias Ayuk

    Mushroom in Africa is grossly under-studied and their attractive potentials are unknown most especially at community levels in several African countries. This project will focus on addressing economic and industrial development of mushroom in Africa, with pilot projects in Namibia. Furthermore, research and data on African mushrooms scientific resources have not yet been done compared to those of plant genetic resources. The project team will mobilize and create awareness, work with the community members, and researchers to properly collect and classify indigenous mushrooms. Make in-depth scientific research, upgrade indigenous knowledge on mushrooms. It will also produce a manual for extension workers. Train community members in the art, science and technology of mushroom production and processing. This will help move the members to higher levels of profitability and economic self reliance through increase production, better processing methods and marketing. Cooperative society formation will be part of the training package. This will help evolve ways of reducing endemic poverty prevailing at the local community levels. This is more auspicious now in the wake of increasing land degradation, increasing soil constraints, reducing crop yields on smallholder fields with climate change intensification and looming food crisis.

    • Elias Ayuk
      Project Manager
    • asubonteng .
    • Benjamin TURKSON