GIS Training for Improved Natural Resource Management in Africa

  • Expected start date:
    August 15, 2012
    Expected end date:
    December 31, 2020
    Project Status:
    Project Type:
    Capacity Development
    Project Manager :
    Qondi Moyo

    In spite of the importance, the application of GIS technology in natural resource planning, management and research is still at infantile stages in African countries. Extensive gap exists in spatial data availability and handling in most institutions. This stems from a limited knowledge about the potentials of GIS, lack of instruments for spatial data acquisition and the technical know-how leading to ineffective processing of the acquired data. As a result, many research initiatives which require spatial information application have come to a stand-still and subsequently affected effective decision making. Even in cases where some forms of spatial data exist, the limited hand-on-practices have led to the perception that GIS is somewhat abstract and difficult among users. Capacity in spatial applications for research and resource management is crucial for better understanding of trends in natural resources for enhanced decision making and resource management. It will also contribute to improved and timely reporting at global platforms. The goal of this project is to build capacity for the deployment of geospatial applications in natural resource research, planning and management in Africa.

    • Qondi Moyo
      Project Manager
    • Vicentia Quartey
    • Benjamin TURKSON
    • Effah ANTWI
    • Praise Nutakor