Engaging the Private Sector for Inclusive Extractive Industries and Sustainable Value Chains in Africa

  • Expected start date:
    July 1, 2016
    Expected end date:
    December 29, 2017
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    Project Manager :
    Qondi Moyo

    The proposed study will examine and prioritize backward linkages in Africa’s mineral extraction and natural resources sectors, contributing to on-going efforts at answering the central problematic of how to leverage the latter industries to support, encourage, facilitate, and drive broad-based and sustainable economic growth and development, both transnationally and in key case study states. Whilst numerous studies, including several funded and operated by international organizations, focus on upstream identification of mineral and other resource deposits, this project places continued emphasis on the local impacts and responses (current and prospective) of both downstream refining, transport, distribution, marketing and sale processes, and midstream/sidestream sector activities. Focus will be placed on the comprehensive understanding of a number of key study areas: local content identification and inclusion; place, position and potential contribution of the latter to current and prospective resource value chains; successes and drawbacks of current national procurement institutions; service delivery; research and development, particularly aimed at local actor support; emergence and influence of emerging technology; and contemporary transnational business practices.Although downstream and midstream sectors will remain at the fore of this research programme, continued efforts will be made at ensuring holism by incorporation of associated upstream study, when appropriate.

    • Qondi Moyo
      Project Manager
    • Vicentia Quartey
    • Elias Ayuk
    • Benjamin TURKSON