Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment of Fresco Lagoon Landscape

  • Expected start date:
    February 16, 2018
    Expected end date:
    April 30, 2018
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    Project Manager :
    Ngozi Stewart

    In recent years, the effects of climate change, with extreme weather and tidal conditions causing appreciable damage in some coastal areas are being felt in most parts of the world. A scoping study conducted by the West Africa Biodiversity and Climate Change (WABiCC) indicates that the effects of climate change are happening in the Fresco lagoon landscape in Côte d’Ivoire. In this regard, quality information is required to assess the vulnerability to climate change and to determine appropriate adaptation measures for the affected ecosystem and communities. In line with this, WABiCC is contracting the United Nations University Institute for Natural Resources in Africa (UNU-INRA) to carry out a study to collect detailed information on the current and potential future climate change impacts on ecological and socio-economic systems in the Fresco landscape in Côte d’Ivoire. This information will be used to determine the most effective adaptive responses to increase ecosystem and social resilience to climate change.

    The objectives of the Fresco Lagoon Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment (CCVA) are to:

    assess the degree of climate variability and its projected impact in the Fresco lagoon landscape;
    determine how these weather and climate events, in combination with anthropogenic drivers may affect livelihoods and ecosystems in the lagoon and surrounding landscape; and
    identify existing and potential adaptive responses that can be implemented to improve the resilience of local communities and ecosystems to climate-related impacts in the landscape.

    • Ngozi Stewart
      Project Manager
    • Vicentia Quartey