Assessment of the Impacts of Soil and Water Conservation Technology Interventions and Household Food Security in Selected Communities in Northern and Upper East Regions of Ghana

  • Expected start date:
    June 1, 2013
    Expected end date:
    December 31, 2015
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    Project Manager :
    Effiom Oku

    The Challenge Program on “Enhancing rain water and nutrient use efficiency for improved crop productivity, farm income and rural livelihoods in the Volta Basin” developed and implemented selected technologies on farmer’s fields. Three (3) promising technologies for soil, nutrient, crop and water management: Fertilizer micro dosing (i.e. strategic application of fertilizers); savannah Eco-farm (an integrated soil-water-plant- nutrient management); and combination of rainwater and nutrient management and soil degradation control were selected and tested on-farm. This research is a follow up study on the Challenge Program and would seek to assess the impact of the technology introduced on farmers fields during the project; the rate and reasons of adaptation of the technologies; and if the technologies (if still in use) are sustainable. Structured questionnaires would be administered to capture information on the use, rate and reason of adaptation and non-adaptation, perceptions of community members about the various technologies. Soil samples would be collected from the selected fields for analysis.

    • Effiom Oku
      Project Manager
    • Benjamin TURKSON
    • asubonteng .