UNU-INRA Deepens Relationship with African Ambassadors in Accra

  • May 7, 2014     Accra

    UNU-INRA, the leading natural resources management institute of the UN University in Africa, has engaged a number of African ambassadors in Accra to present key policy briefs and other knowledge products to them. The visit, which also aimed at improving the institute’s working relationship with African Governments, was used to brief the Ambassadors on UNU-INRA’s programmes so as to identify possible areas of collaboration.

    The UNU-INRA delegation, led by the Director Dr. Elias T. Ayuk, separately called on the Angolan Ambassador, Ana Maria Teles Carreira, the Nigerian High Commissioner, who was represented by the Minister Counsellor / Head of Chancery, Mr.  Oluropo Obasola Osasona, and the Chargée d’Affaires of the Equatorial Guinea Embassy, Madam Margarita Oyono Obama, who was the officer in charge at the time of the visit.

    The institute seized the opportunity to appeal, through the ambassadors, to the governments of African countries that are yet to contribute to UNU-INRA’s Endowment Fund, to honour the resolution taken by African heads of state at the 21st ordinary session of the then Organisation of African Unity (OAU) in 1985, to contribute to the Fund, to enable the Institute to fulfil its mandate.

    The institute also used the visit to inform the embassies of some of its flagship programmes including training modules on Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and a proposed postgraduate programme in Sustainable Development Diplomacy.

    The Embassies visited have pledged their support to UNU-INRA.