UNU-INRA Calls For Clean Energy Powered Agritech Innovations

  • May 14, 2024     Accra

    The United Nations University, Institute for Natural Resources inAfrica, is rolling out a call for its Innovate for Clean Agricultural Technologies (INFoCAT) project. The INFoCAT innovation challenge is an initiative sponsored by IDRC under the Clean Energy for Development: A Call for Action programme and is partnered by Enda Energie and UNU INRA. 

    The INFoCAT innovation challenge is to support low-cost clean energy-powered agritech innovators, with the intention to expand access to reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy technologies for smallholder women and youth farmers in Ghana, Senegal and Cote D’Ivoire to increase agricultural productivity and income.

    The objectives of the Innovation challenge are to: 

    -Support the development and expansion of affordable, labour-saving, clean energy agricultural technology solutions to save time and reduce drudgery.

    -Support clean energy agriculture technology start-ups with a focus on women-led enterprises and where possible, refine and expand their products to meet the needs of smallholder rural farmers.

    -Create avenues for mentorship, access to networking and training.

    INFoCAT ( Innovate for Clean Agricultural Solutions) seeks to advance women and youth economic empowerment, especially in rural communities in selected African countries : (Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, and Senegal). It aims to promote low-cost clean energy-powered technology solutions that will contribute to positively augmenting agricultural productivity and incomes for smallholder rural farmers.

    Find out more in the full press release. 

    Sign up and Apply for INFoCAT Innovation Challenge herehttps://rb.gy/kg7bzw

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