UNU-INRA Now Accepting Visiting Scholar Applications


  • January 12, 2012     Accra

    The Visiting Scholars Programme of the United Nations University Institute for Natural Resources in Africa (UNU-INRA) in Accra, Ghana, provides qualified scholars an opportunity to undertake research on topics related to the development and management of natural resources in Africa, as well as participate in UNU-INRA activities and contribute to UNU-INRA publications.

    The programme, which provides a monthly stipend of US$1,500, will not support field work aimed at collecting data. It is intended for researchers who have data available, but need workstation facilities and financial support to analyse and publish the results of their research.

    The work of UNU-INRA focuses on the sustainable management of Africa’s natural resources — specifically, (i) Harnessing land and water resources for efficient and sustainable use; (ii) Promoting conservation and developing a green economy; and (iii) Governing and managing the extractive industries.The focus of the 2012 UNU-INRA Visiting Scholars Programme is on the second of these three themes. Interested candidates should to submit a proposal that addresses this theme.

    Applicants should have a PhD degree in agricultural science, economics, agricultural economics, natural resource economics, social science, environmental science, international relations, law or a related discipline, and a good publication record. Successful applicants will be expected to spend a minimum of three months at UNU-INRA in Accra, present at least two seminars on their research, and prepare one or more papers for publication in the UNU-INRA Research Paper series.

    The application deadline is 15 March 2012.

    For details about the 2012 UNU-INRA Visiting Scholars Programme,  including information on how to apply, see the VSP 2012 announcement on the UNU-INRA website.