UNU-INRA holds a stakeholder meeting for the Delta 8.7 Initiative

  • March 25, 2022     Accra

    UNU-Institute Natural Resource in Africa (INRA) and the Centre for Policy Research (CPR) held a roundtable event to initiate discussions around efforts stakeholders in Ghana are making towards the achievement of SDG target 8.7.  The event is in the framework of two projects: ‘’Earth Shattering: Opportunities for financial sector engagement at the nexus of modern slavery and natural resources in Ghana’’- which is part of the FAST Initiative and ‘’Delta 8.7’’ which is a global knowledge platform, with a mission focused on identifying effective measures and measuring the change towards the achievement of SDG Target 8.7. ‘’Free the Slaves’’ was the local partner for the event which was held on 23rd February, 2022 at the Holiday Inn hotel in Accra. 

    The discussion during the event built upon recommendations and findings from an initial workshop on Delta 8.7 workshop in Ghana as well as emerging research from a forthcoming United Nations University report on the Earth-Shattering project, with the aim of creating a roadmap of implementable and scalable solutions. Discussions focused on the following 4 main thematic areas: 

    • Human rights and labour rights: due diligence in supply chains 
    • Environmental degradation, modern slavery and climate change nexus 
    • Financial inclusion, digitization and innovation 
    • Social protection and access to education 

    The hybrid event was attended by stakeholders from government agencies and departments, multilateral organisations, academic institutions, Civil Society Groups and the private sector. 

    The round table event contributed to increase awareness among stakeholders on the actions needed in combating Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking including Worst Forms of Child Labour in Ghana.