How do we deliver an achievable and resilient net-zero world?

  • DATE / TIME:
    November 10, 2021    17:00 - 19:35

    Our panel of experts will be considering: How do we deliver an achievable and resilient net-zero world?

    The panel will include:

    Robert Spencer, Business Line Director – Environmental, Social and Governance, AECOM
    Sir David King, Chair of Climate Crisis Advisory Group, Cambridge University
    Dr Fatima Denton, United Nations University and member of CCAG
    James Banks, Head of Marketing and Communications, Europe and India, AECOM (Chair)

    Date: Wednesday 10th November 2021
    Venue: AECOM, 120 Bothwell Street, Glasgow, G2 7JS
    Time: 17:00 – 19:30

    The theme of the session is inspired by CCAG’s comprehensive strategy to tackle the climate crisis, that focuses on the three pillars of Reduce, Remove and Repair. The strategy urges nations to triple their emissions-cutting pledges, invest in greenhouse gas removal techniques and deepen research into methods and techniques that can repair parts our damaged climate system.

    Our panel will discuss the three pillars and highlight the work of AECOM, through its COP26 Futures We Want project, which explores six different visions of climate-resilient, net zero worlds. The visions provide insights into the solutions we can use to deliver our transition to a net zero future.

    The panel will also discuss whether reaching net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 is now too little too late, and the steps required to ensure a just transition to net-zero across the developed and developing world.