The Informal Sector and the JUSTIS Digital Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: Driving Innovation to Accelerate a Just Energy Transition

  • DATE / TIME:
    November 9, 2022    17:30 - 18:45
    The global push toward net-zero emissions requires a swift transition to clean energy systems.

    Without specific efforts to ensure an equitable transition, including the need to manage the use of Africa’s fossil fuel resources as an integral part of the transition, existing inequalities in current energy systems will worsen, resulting in winners and losers. This is especially true for the informal sector, where women constitute the majority.

    Africa remains, with the right policies and support, the continent with the greatest potential for growth in clean energy and green transitions, as well as critical minerals for global green and digital transitions. However, Africa still suffers from an energy deficit, with dire consequences for growth, wellbeing and security in all its forms.
    The side-event will examine the issue of just transitions in Africa as well as the implications and opportunities associated with access, industrialization, job creation, and social inclusion of the informal sector, one of the continent’s largest productive sectors accounting for 80% of urban employment. Africa’s green transition prospects will be discussed in depth, with an emphasis on innovation, green entrepreneurship, and the role of Africa’s oil and gas in a managed transition. This will go a long way towards understanding how to build resilience in the post-covid era and improve inclusive sustainable development in order to expedite the attainment of the SDGs.
    The JUSTIS digital portal will be launched, a digital platform which hosts a community of policymakers,
    green entrepreneurs, civil society actors and investors to engage and connect in an online
    marketplace where green entrepreneurs can gain greater visibility, market access and mentorship,
    investors can engage with green innovators, and policy makers can gain evidence to support
    inclusive green energy policy decisions.
    Speakers include:
    – Dr. Fatima Denton (UNU-INRA)
    – Dr. Jean-Paul Adam (UN-ECA)
    – Dr. Vanessa Ushie (AfDB)
    – Dr. Mactar Seck (UN-ECA)
    – NJ Ayuk (African Energy Chamber)
    – James Mnyupe (Namibia Office of The President)
    -Moderator: Dr. Linus Mofor (ACPC,UN-ECA)
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    Please find the concept note and agenda here.