GREENING THE INFORMAL SECTOR: Green Entrepreneurship for Just Transitions

  • DATE / TIME:
    February 28, 2022    12:00 - 13:30

    The urgency to mitigate the impacts of climate change necessitates a rapid transition from fossil fuel-based energy systems to clean, low, to no-carbon energy systems. Without deliberate, targeted efforts to ensure an equitable transition, existing injustices in the current energy systems will increase, resulting in winners and losers.

    This session will deliberate on just transitions, with a focus on the role of the informal sector in the green transition and how green entrepreneurs can be leveraged to ensure inclusion and an equitable transition.


    Opening remarks (10 minutes)

    • Qondi Moyo, Research Associate, UNU-INRA

    Summary of findings (15 minutes)

    Panel discussion including questions and answers (60 minutes)

    Moderated by (TBC)

    Closing remark (5 minutes)


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